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Your Website - It will either MAKE You or BREAK You

By Biju 08 June 2019 Importance of Website for a law firm

"Website promotes you 24x7: No employee will do that" - Paul Cookson

In the modern world of Internet of Things ("IoT"), the first thing that a prospective client does when faced with a case or any legal matters, is to check Google for a lawyer/law firm. If you have done things correctly while designing your website, then your website will come in the first page of Google Search. If you are not in the first page, you are eliminated from the competition in the first few seconds of the race itself. In short, in a day, your law firm is eliminated from 1000 of searches and potential legal matters even without you knowing about it. Welcome to the Digital World of lost opportunities…

The importance of having a strong online presence is crucial for a successful law practice. Your website is your face in the digital world and you need to be 100% sure to create a first impression in the very first interaction when the prospective client is having with your website.

There are reasons many why your law firm should invest your time, money and efforts into creating an updated, responsive and customised website, and the below mentioned reasons are a few of those:

First Impression

In today's digital world, the first interaction that a prospective client will have is with the website of your law firm. Depending on the "first impression" of your website, the client will take a decision whether to give you a call for the initial meeting or not.

Introduces Your Law Firm

Your website provides a direct introduction of your law firm to the prospective client. An updated and professional website raises your standard before the prospect. Your website is a 24x7 sales page of your law firm which none of your fellow lawyers/Partners can provide for your law firm.

Perceived Value

A law firm having a website with high quality content and customisation is often perceived by the clients as having a higher value than other law firms with a normal website. Such high end law firms command high end fees from the market and the market is willing to pay them also because of their perceived value.

Builds Credibility

The contents provided in the website including the testimonials you received and earlier cases you have dealt with can build client's trust & credibility on your abilities to drive their legal matters.

Distinguishes Your Law Firm from Competition

Your customised website makes your law firm stand out among the crowd, whereby it wards off your competition in the very first instance itself. A lot of law firms lose out to their competition because they fail to have a updated website.

Visual Society

We are a visual society and we give importance to those which attract our eyes first. The same applies to websites also. In the Internet, you will only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the prospect and make him stay in your website to know more about the services that your law firm provides and why the prospect should choose you. Those websites which are aesthetically better than other gets more business than the others.

Platform Friendly

Care should be taken that your website should be responsive, to be available across all devices, whether it be Mobile, Laptop or iPads. Majority of business now happens on the mobile phone and a mobile friendly website always creates an impression that the law firm is technologically updated.

Mentioned above are a few reasons for a law firm to have an updated & responsive website. Designing a law firm website is an art and science. Your website should capture your law firm's uniqueness. Further, there are another 15 essential elements to be included while designing a website so that your website answers the basic concerns of any prospect and makes him to do the next big step - Giving You the Phone Call.

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