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Why is VISIBILITY Most Important for a Law Firm?

By Biju 08 June 2019 Importance of visibility for a law firm

Visibility for a law firm is the most important factor affecting its business. The reason is that without knowing your existence, how will the prospective client(s) hire you to represent them or bring their cases to you. Obviously, there are many factors which influence the growth of your law firm business like your legal expertise, your team of lawyers, your work culture, the market factors, etc. but all this things are secondary as the prospective client has to first know you/name of your Law Firm for starting a professional business relationship.

Visibility could take many forms but that is another topic for discussion. Here, we will dwell into the reasons why primarily your law firm should be visible:

Your Profession is not Unique

For the client, you are not the only law firm that is available for obtaining legal services. From the point of view of the client, there are many law firms to choose from and sometimes, these law firms may be better than you. Only way to bounce out of such a cut throat competition is to make yourself visible before the right audience and if you don't then they will choose someone who is more visible and provides the same legal services as you.

Business is a Popularity Contest

As a general rule, business is primarily a popularity contest before it becomes a proficiency contest. The most sold products in the market are the most advertised ones. More the clients are aware about your law firm, more work will flow.

Let the Clients Know You

You should make your ideal audience know the benefits of working with your law firm. Once they are aware of the advantages of working with you, the chances of the clients choosing you are large. For this, the initial action from your side should be to make you visible to prospective clients.

Business Growth comes from Action

Growth comes from action and not from idleness. Being consistent in your client development efforts itself will attract more clients to you. If the prospective clients observe that you are continuously promoting your services in a regular fashion, the clients will take a view that such a consistency can be expected in your work also. Therefore, action results in more work.

Perceived as an Expert

More the clients see your content, whether it be articles, legal updates, email newsletters, etc., the more you are perceived as an expert in the field and the clients love to work with experts.

Generates further Curiosity

Once the client sees your legal updates, email newsletters, etc., the next obvious step will to know more about your law firm. Prospective client will then visit your website and if the website is maintained properly with appropriate content, they will be more prone to refer their legal matters to your law firm.

Visibility means Business

When your ideal client has a work, you should be the first law firm that should be coming to their minds. If you stay in touch with them through your legal updates and other relevant content, then you will be the first one in their thoughts and has more chances of obtaining the work.

Creating New Clients

Addition of new clients will add more revenue to the law firm. Without new clients the growth of the law firm will decline. New clients can only be obtained from client development activities which in turn create more visibility for your law firm.

Who Sells More

In the business world, it is not the best products that sell but it is the best marketed products (For e.g. Coca-Cola, Maggi, etc.). Similarly, in the legal market also, it is the most visible law firms that sell more.

Law of Averages

The worst mistake that a law firm can make is to assume that clients will find the law firm somehow. In the noise around, you need to have a clear strategy for being visible to your clients so that they can find you effortlessly. As law of averages suggested, the more number of attempts, the larger will be the probability of success.

Now you understood why visibility is the most important factor and should be a key part of law firm's client development strategy. Need help? Let's talk

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