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Your Story is …..

You have practiced with a Senior Lawyer for some years; or
You are a Partner with a Law Firm and now you have decided to start your own; or
2-3 Senior Associates of a law firm or different law firms have decided to start a Law Firm of their own…

Welcome to the World of Start Ups…

Journey is the same… First you set up your "LAW PRACTICE"; then you strive to obtain a steady flow of revenue to become a "LAW BUSINESS"

The journey from "Law Practice" to "Law Business" goes through different distinctive stages and we will handhold you through each of these stages as each stage requires a different client development strategy.

As a Start Up you face increased competition from the existing law firms. In many cities, the existing law firms have decreased their fees to offer a stiff price challenge to the new entrants.Same clients, whom you have advised in your earlier law firms, are now expecting your services at a very lower rate.

One of the basic challenges of a Start Up is VISIBILITY and CREDIBITY. Are you VISIBLE to your Prospective Clients? How will you demonstrate your CREDIBILITY?

How will you get the VISIBILITY before your ideal client? When the prospective client has legal work, you should be the one coming to their minds. How can you achieve this? How will you demonstrate that you are a credible law firm? Work will come to you once the prospective client has "Trust" in your Start Up. How do you establish Trust?

Business Development for Start-Up Law Firm

Talk to us.We will take you through the entire Start Up process and will save you many months of futile labour.

BE VISIBLE will work with you to create your Visibility & Credibility. Our Team will help you to achieve predictable monthly revenue. We will design for you a professional lead generating website and your other collaterals. Our Design Team will ensure that all these "elements" of Branding will speak the same language.Our Team will create a Business Development Plan for your firm and will execute the same with our day-to-day involvement.

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