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You are a "One Man" Army. You need to be in many places at the same time. You primary concern is to deliver 100% results to your clients. However, you also need to ensure that the daily functioning of the office is carried out smoothly. Where will be your primary attention concentrated? Obviously, it will be your obligation to your clients followed by running of the law firm and in such a scenario your Business & Client Development activities will take a back seat. When this scenario continues for 30 Days, flow of new clients stop and revenue takes a bad hit.

You are a Practicing Attorney & a Business Owner. Both your "Legal Profession"and your "Law Firm Business"require your 100% attention.

You have to carry out the Client Development initiatives on a daily basis to survive or you will die a slow death

Business Development is a full time job. Bigger Law Firms have their own Business Development Team but who is going to help a Solo Practitioner other than himself/herself. Added to this, the Prospective clients are not going to find you on their own. Already, the legal market is crowded with hundreds of existing players. Pertinent question here is "Are you even VISIBLE in the current legal market?" Nobody knows who you are.

Business Development for Solo Practitioners

For a successful Solo Practitioner, you need to move from "Law Practice" stage to"Law Business" stage wherein you have a predictable flow of revenue.

At BE VISIBLE, we will help you to create a successful "Law Firm Business" by creating a customized Business Development Strategy for you and implement the same through our constant follow-up. We will do Discover sessions to understand your past & present, and identify which stage of growth cycle you are currently in. We will look into your Branding, Website & collaterals and suggest appropriate tweaks, if required. We will work on your vision and break it down to executable missions to grow your Solo Practice cost-effectively.

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