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Your Story is …..

You don't have more number of lawyers unlike the large firms to advice on all branches of law. Partners spent their 95%of their time on day-to-day legal matters. Managing Partner is busy ensuring that the legal services are timely delivered and the existing clients are happy. No Partner is willing to single handedly carryout the Business Development as an ongoing process (as it affects his/her regular billing target). Are we exaggerating the situation or are we telling the truth?

How are you going to add new clients? What is your Growth Strategy? How do you ensure a predictable flow of revenue?

There are more number of Small Law Firms than the Large and Big Law Firms. So you are already in a crowded Legal Market? Who is going to hear your voice in this noisy market? Will the Prospective clients take initiative to find your Law Firm on their own? Bigger Law Firms have their own Business Development Team but who is going to help a Small Law Firm other than the Managing Partner or the Partner himself.Business Development is a full time job. Since your bandwidth is stretched, who is going to carry out the Business Development activities? If you don't carry out Business Development activities for 30 Days, then revenue takes a hit on the 31st Day.

You cannot escape this situation without a clear cut Business Development Strategy

But here also you will have a problem… Your existing inflow of revenue is not predictable and hence you cannot commit on a budget for Business Development activities also. So like the majority of the Small Law Firm owners, you are also indecisive.

Business Development for Small Law Firms

To speak the truth, you need to invest for your existence

This is where we come to your assistance. We will work with you to understand your story and your vision for your law firm. We will look into your Branding, Website & collaterals and suggest appropriate corrections. We will create a short term plan (for you immediate revenue) and long term plan for your monthly predictable revenue. Our Army will help you to execute these plans. Added to this, we will create an online and offline presence for you to create VISIBILITY for your law firm. Here, you leverage the power of the BE VISIBLE Team to strike your targeted audience with pin-point accuracy.

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