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Best SEO Services for Law Firms

SEO Services for Law Firms

SEO means Search Engine Optimization or is also called the Organic Search. SEO enables your website to be ranked at higher positions in Search Engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) for certain key words related to your law firm or its area of practice.

In today's world, prospective clients depend heavily on Internet to find more about a law firm before they make a call of fix an appointment. Research shows that 75% of the prospective clients never go past the first page of Google Search Results. During a Google Search, if your Website is not coming in the first page of Google Search Results, then you have really lost the prospective client. These days, no one has the luxury of time to sit and search page after page. The presumption is that if you are good at what you do, then you will come in the first page of Google Search results.

Why many law firms prefer SEO is that its reach and visibility are so huge that it can drive significant revenue growth for your law firm. "World" is your playground when you use the Internet.

SEO Services for Law Firms - Why?

Google is one of the easiest ways to obtain potential clients. 97% of consumers use Google than Yellow Pages for knowing more about products & services. The problem is that every law firm knows this fact, and this has made the SEO space highly competitive.

Your clients and potential clients use Google first to get answers for their legal queries. So, you have get actively involved in this game. Additionally, your competition is already there. You don't have a choice.

The higher you rank in Google Search Results; the market feels that you are an established law firm than those law firms which are coming below you. Therefore, a higher ranking authenticates you as a market leader.

When potential clients carry out a Google Search, it literally means that they have a legal issue to be addressed and they are looking for the best law firm. So, you always get a “live” lead than a “cold” one, and the conversion from potential client to client is almost instantaneous. We believe this is the best reason for carrying out SEO for Law Firms.

There are thousands of Google Searches happening every minute. If you don't equip your website with appropriate content and carry out SEO, you are not visible to thousands of querist. To be in Business, you have to be visible to your potential clients.

ROI generated by SEO is much greater than any other client development initiatives. Once you website is optimized, there will be more inflow of potential clients to your website, which generally results in more client conversion. In a short span of time, you will get much ahead of your competition by carrying out SEO for your Law Firm.

What we can do for you…

If you want potential clients to visit your website, generate new leads, increase traffic, etc., it is most important for you to ensure that your website is considered as a trustworthy source of information by Google. Our Team working on SEO for Law Firms, through their uncompromising services, can ensure that Google will place your law firm in the first page of Google Search Results.

An effective SEO strategy is fundamental for the success of your Law Firm Business Development. Based on your area of practice, your firm's uniqueness, geography, etc. we can create an appropriate SEO Strategy for your Law Firm and implement the same for your law firm. We can Audit your website, provide our suggestions, create content, carry out linking, etc. so that your website will come in the first page of Google Search Results.

Also, we can provide you with the "real picture" of SEO. The majority service providers have magical remedies and quick fixes. We don't do that. We will get you to the first page of Google Search, but in our own timeframe.

Google's Algorithm change may affect your positioning. We will carry out appropriate changes in your content to nullify/adjust to the Algorithm change. So, our SEO support is a continued effort to keep you in the top.

Our SEO Services for Law Firms include:

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Review & Editing for SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Website Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • SEO - Technical
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Analytics
  • Daily Support (Mail & Calls)
  • Monthly Reporting

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