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Business Development Plan for Law Firms

Law Firm Business Development Plan

Law Firm's success depends on attracting new clients & retaining the existing client base.

What is your Plan for: (1) Attracting New Clients; and (2) Retaining Existing Clients.

A written Business Development Plan is vital for the success of your Law Firm, as it will greatly help the Law Firm to organize its efforts. Moreover, if only you have a written Business Plan, you will be able measure the effectiveness of the plan on an ongoing basis, and if any failures are there in implementation, the same could be identified and corrected as quickly as possible.

Where are we standing?

There is stagnation in the demand for legal services in India. As you have experienced, Client loyalty is dead. Client will go to the Law Firm which gives him more value, comfort or even lesser fees. Added to this, more number of new law firms have emerged in the last two years. In 2019 alone, there were 16 law firms started in India by Partner(s) who have left reputed law firms. We knew about these new law firms as it was reported by the media. What about the unreported? The new law firms have started the price wars and now have made the fee quote very competitive.

Law Firms, primarily, are always Reactive not Proactive due to the market needs.

Law Firms are always busy working on client's cases and other legal matters, which burns their entire time and energy. In a fast paced environment which predominantly strives to address the daily urgent legal issues of clients, a Law Firm's strategic planning which tents to address issues 6 months from now, always take a back seat.

Legal Industry is Underinvesting & also Underperforming

Law Schools have never taught the Lawyers "how to sell their services". Obviously, Lawyers are scared to make any investment & reap the benefits .99% of the Law Firms are unaware of how much to allocate for Business Development initiatives. If you take industry-wise data, Legal Industry spending is very much lower than other sector averages. As many studies have pointed out, Legal Industry is not going to be a growth industry. So to create competitive advantage, law firms need to invest now into Business Development initiatives. Coming of Foreign law Firms will further drain money out of this currently existing system. It is time to think about the future of your law firm NOW.

Here is what we can do…

Through our Consulting process, we can re-discover the various elements that can drive the growth of your Law Firm both internally and externally, and crystalize these elements of growth into a Business Development Plan to promote a greater growth.

Challenge in creating a Business Development Plan lies in the fact that each law firm is unique. What works for one law firm may not work for another. Added to this, plans change based on the markets involved. Through our discovery process, we will unearth your uniqueness and build a great Business Development Plan based on the same.

We will carry out SWOT Analysis followed by Competitor Analysis, Create a Client Development strategy, suggest you the Visibility Plan, allocate resources, and help you to implement the Business Development Plan. Our services don't stop there as we keenly observe the results, measure them and do the course correction, if required.

Our Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Competition Analysis
  • Business Development Plan
  • Business Development Plan - Implementation
  • Visibility Plan
  • SocialMedia Strategy
  • Training - Business Development (1 Day)
  • Training - Networking (3 Hours)
  • Training - How to Become A Rainmaker(1 Day)

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