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Your Story is …..

Your Law Firm has years of experience, you have multiple offices across India, some of the most talented lawyers works with you, yet the market do not consider you to be in the league of Big 4Law Firms in India. May be you are not a brand yet. May be you are not VISIBLE like the Big 4. May be some clients do not see the credibility factor in you. We will not exactly know the reason(s) until we look into the entire client development activities critically. From where you stand today, you have come across a long distance, yet the distance between you and the Big4 Law Firms increases day by day…

Why is this gap increasing day by day?

Right answer to their query may be that you are not promoting your Law Firm in the correct way or as the market demands. Another reason may be that you are NOT laser focused in executing your vision and your mission on a daily basis.

What is your strategy for competing against similar Large Law Firms?

In India, there are fairly a good number of law firms that can be categorized as Large Law Firms. So you are already in a crowded market. What is your strategy for getting VISIBLE before your prospective client(s)?

What differentiates you from this crowd of similar Large Law Firms? What is your strategy for getting VISIBLE before your prospective client(s)? How do you execute your Brand Identity? Or Do you have a Brand identity?

Hire Us or Hire Somebody... You need to execute a sound Client Development Strategy for your Growth

Your lawyers are good at practicing law but Client/Business Development is a full time job. What we generally observe, no Partner is willing to single handedly carryout the Business Development as an ongoing process (as it affects his/her regular billing target).In the final run, client development takes a back seat.As Holy Bible says "You cannot serve two masters at a time".

Prospective client(s) take their first step towards contacting you but there are certain factors which make them not to approach you in the last minute. What are these factors which eliminate you from the race even before the client makes the initial call to you? The funny thing is that you are not even aware of this rejection.

Big4 Law Firms have dedicated Business Development Teams who fully focuses on client development activities. How can you fight with these law firms without a solid Business Development Team? Even if you have the money, do you get the correct people to do the Business Development activities who are fully aware of the nuances of the legal marketing in India?

Business Development for Large Law Firms

This is where we can help you.

We can act as your Business Development Team, or we can assist your Business Development Team to move faster. Our Army of Business Development Professionals can take charge of your Business Development activities. We will do discovery sessions with your management, find out loopholes and plug them with our customized strategic plans. We will work on an action plan to obtain some quick revenue (with our Short Term Plan) and also provide you with a Long Term Plan to obtain predictable revenue.

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