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We assist In-House Counsels to find a Lawyer/Law Firm for their legal work

You have been informed by the Management about an Acquisition or a Merger or a Real Estate Sale/Purchase or in general a Transaction that is required to be carried out for furthering the business goals of the Company. The timeframe for completion of the Transaction is challenging. You are located in Mumbai. Target is located in your city or in another Metro City in India.

You wanted to know:

  • Which all law firms have done such type of work;
  • Which is the best law firm in the jurisdiction (for e.g. Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, etc.) to carry out this particular legal matter?
  • Who is the Partner who has experience in such type of transaction; or
  • Which Law Firm with relevant experience can carry out the transaction at a lower cost
Business development for In house counsel

We can help you to find an appropriate choice

We will provide you with 3-5 choices. Also, we will get a competitive fee quote from the Law Firms so as to enable you to take a reasoned judgment.

As we are dealing with many law firms, we understand the market and we will get a good deal for you. Secondly, during the law firm searching phase,you will not hinder the growth of your company. Generally, while you search for an appropriate law firm, your routine work suffers which will hamper the business & financial goals of your organisation.

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