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Law Firms urgently require a Digital Plan.


Technology has completely destroyed the level playing field and to survive in the fast paced Internet economy, you need to desperately have a Digital Plan for your client development activities. Today, for each and everything, people use Google and this is not different in case of addressing the legal problems of your potential and existing clients.

Carrying out client development initiatives for law firms in the digital world is dependent on a number of factors, namely, a professional website with high quality content, SEO, an active Social Media and well written Email updates. You need an efficient Digital Plan to use the above factors to actively supplement your Business Development activities to create a significant growth for your law firm.

The Digital Plan, as mentioned above, has many components which need to independently and collectively work together for its success. How are these components connected?

Without SEO, no traffic will come to your Website. Even if some viewers come to your Website by chance, the quality-less Content will drive them away. Without SEO and updated Content, your website will become redundant. So new client leads through your website will come to a stop.

These independent components of a Digital Plan are briefly mentioned below:


Whatever you do in the digital world, the base is always your Law Firm's website. If you do not have a high quality lead generating website, rest of the components like SEO or Email Campaigns or Content Marketing cannot help you. If the potential client is not impressed by your website, they will not approach you. We attribute poor performance of many of the medium and large law firms in India purely due to their "primitive" looking website where in the "Latest Updates" are one to two years old.

Our team can help you to design and develop a high quality lead generating website. Please click on Website Design to learn more about our website designing capabilities.


SEO means Search Engine Optimization(also known asOrganic Search). SEO enables your website to be ranked at higher positions in Search Engines (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) for certain key words or attributes related to your law firm. Search Engines (or to say Google) is one of the easiest ways to obtain potential clients.An effective SEO strategy is fundamental to the success of your Law Firm.

Your clients and potential clients use Google first to know the answers. So, you have to get visible before these visitors when they look for answers. Interestingly, your competition is already there. So you don't have a choice.There are thousands of Google Searches happening every minute. If you don't equip your website with appropriate content and carry out SEO, you will not be visible to the World.

To be in Business, you have to BE VISIBLE to your potential clients.

We can create an appropriate SEO Strategy based on your area of practice, your firm's uniqueness, etc. and implement it for your law firm. So that your website will come in the first page of Google Search Results.


Your Law Firm's presence is required in Social Media as your client's are also present here. There are many platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. ("Social Media") and based on the type of law firm, the number of lawyers and your strategy for growth, we can suggest an appropriate and most effective Social Media platform for your law firm.

When we use the word "management" it does not mean that we just do some postings in the Social Media for your law Firm. We will not only do the postings in a "customized" fashion but also we will ensure the growth of your Social Media Network based on an agreed Social Media Plan.

Each of the Platforms in Social Media has its own relevance and the followers of each of these Platforms are different. Strategy will vary for a B2B Law Firm vis-à-vis a B2C Law firm.

Talk to us or email us to know more on "Social Media Management".


What converts the "Clicks" into "Clients" is the "Content" you provide.

Content comes in different forms for a Law Firm. Content can be in the form of Content in your Collaterals, Website Content, Email Updates, Newsletters you provide to clients & prospective clients, etc.

Content with good quality goes to a great extend in building your reputation as a reliable authority on various legal issues which will lead many clients to your doorstep.

Our Content Team can help you generate leads. To know about our capabilities, please click here on CONTENT WRITING

Other than the above Services, we carry out a host of other Digital Services also. To know more about the myriad of Digital Services that can catapult your revenue, please talk to us or email us.

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