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Content Writing for Law Firms and Lawyers

Content Writing for Lawyers & Law Firms


Communication is the Key to start a relationship. For maintaining the relationship also, Communication is vital. Content is the heart of any communication. Content is that which separates you from the rest of the crowd.

Content comes in different forms for a Law Firm. Content can be in the form of Content in your Collaterals, Website Content, Email Updates, Newsletters you provide to clients & prospective clients,etc. Your Content should be able to start a relationship and also maintain the same. For e.g. your website Content should demonstrate your authority over the Practice Area as well as commitment to your existing & future clients.

Why should you Outsource Content?

Your core business is to help your clients with the correct legal advice. Your focus should be on your core business. You should not waste your billing time.

We can deliver content much faster than from your in-house team. Even the top law firms in India take 48-72 Hours for publishing a latest case law of Supreme Court in their website or for creating a short write-up for sending to their clients.

We provide quality content which distinguishes you from your competition. This quality content will help you in Google Searches to gain visibility.

The language we write is for your "ideal" audience. We understand the concerns of your "ideal" target and prepare the content accordingly.

We deliver the content in simple English without legal clichés and grammatical mistakes, respecting the time of the "target". No "junior" stuff.

Legal Industry is getting more Competitive

Law Firms do not want to spend on client development initiatives hoping that Clients will fall out from the sky for them on some auspicious moment. In 95% of the law Firms, the strategy followed is the "Hope" Strategy.

Legal industry is not going to grow significantly in the coming days. Further, the number of law firms have increased which is going to eat out of the existing pie. In 2-3 years, foreign Law Firms will be here. So, create your visibility by spreading your Content. It is NOW or NEVER.

Here is what we can do…

Law Firms are always busy working on client matters, which burns their entire time and energy. In such a fast paced environment, Law firms forget to create their visibility among their clients and prospective clients.

Most Law Firms are totally unaware as to how a great content can boost their clientele.

Through our content, we can establish you as an Authority in your area of practice.

We create Content to get your "target" audience interested in you. We know the queries and concerns of your "Target" and we write Content to answers these queries.

Any investment carried out on us will return to you in terms of the audience that will flock to your website. Good write-ups will lead to further enquiries, which is what you want at the first place. Further, we focus on SEO when we write our content. So our content will generate more visits to your website.

Our Services include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Content
  • SEO Content
  • Email Updates
  • Legal Articles
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters

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