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Branding for Law Firms

Law Firm Branding

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room" Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

How can your Law Firm be VISIBLE in a crowded Legal Market?

Branding helps you to be distinctive from the crowd.

Brand says who you are and how you want to be perceived. Brand is a Promise.

To survive in this noisy market, you need to demonstrate on how you are different from the crowd - How you are Unique and Why Client should approach your Law Firm. You need to be different from the rest. The recent branding of "Juventus" Football Club is an example of being different from the crowd of other Italian Football Clubs with almost similar pattern of traditional logos.

Many Law Firms believe that Branding means designing a Logo. So for them Branding starts & ends with creation of a Logo. Some law firms think that Visual Identity is Branding. A full Branding process will ensure the creation of a Brand Experience which involves elements like Brand Personality, Brand Voice, Brand Positioning and Brand message.

Branding is the only way in which you can attract your ideal client. A Brand clearly distinguishes you from the crowd, enabling potential clients to notice you, which is the very first and the biggest step towards creating a fruitful relationship.

Our Services include:

  • Interactive Discovery Meetings
  • Logo Designing
  • Defining of your Brand
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Market Positioning
  • Brand Refreshing
  • All Communication Materials - Collaterals, Brochures, Business Cards & so on
  • Lawyer Biographies
  • Law Firm Practice Area descriptions
  • On-Going Design Services

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