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Boutique is a French word meaning "Small Shop". As a Boutique Law Firm, you advise clients pertaining to your niche area of practice, i.e. you serve a specialized clientele. Some of you specialize in PE & VC, Intellectual Property ("IP"), Real Estate and so on.

By focusing on a niche area, you are a direct competitor to Large & Big Law Firms who have Practice Groups that focuses on your niche area. Large & Big Law Firms have a very large marketing budget and this is where they beat you in the starting line itself. These Large & Big Law Firms with their Business Development Teams can easily "outreach" and "outperform" you.

What is your strategy for competing against theLarge &Big Law firms and other Boutique Firms?

You serve a specialized clientele. Does your specialized clientele know that your law firm exists? Are you VISIBLE beforeyour specialized clients? What are the "compelling" reasons for your specialized clients to come to you for legal services rather than the popular Large & Big Law Firms?

As we look at the recent trends in India, the numbers of Boutique firms are increasing. More and more Partners are coming out of the Large & Big LawsFirms and starting their own Boutique Firms. How are you addressing this direct competition?

Business Development for Boutique Law Firm


We will create a cost-effective "VISIBILITY Plan" for your Boutique Firm. We will have discovery sessions with you to identify your Uniqueness and we will create a Business Development strategy based on your uniqueness. Our Team will help your firm to execute the Business Development Plan with our day-to-day involvement. "Compelling" reasons will be created by our Army of Business Development Professionalsfor your "specialized" clients to prefer you over the Large & Big Law Firms. We will make you a Brand in your niche area of practice.

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