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You are a Brand and that is why prospective clients come to you, even though you are expensive. This huge expectation from the clients burdens you making your primarily focusing on execution of legal services rather than focusing on all aspects of a law Firm business.Internal departments like HR, Admin, etc. take priority over Business Development matters. Generally, the office were the Managing Partner sits will be more proactive in client development activities. What we observe in India is that Client Development is something driven from the Head Office.

Big Law Firms are not thinking about their Client Pipeline (i.e. Sales Pipeline) in the long run

As a Big Law Firm you need to employ all channels for your Business Development. You need to update clients with legal content on regular basis and inform all on any change in law as the market expects the same from you. You must have a solid strategy for the Social Media. Here also, you need to employ a consistent client development strategy across all your offices.Your each Practice Area Team is like a Medium Law Firm and therefore, you require a strategic plan for each of your Practice Area which should blend with the overall Law Firm marketing plan of your organistion.

Rather than having one Big Law Firm handling all legal matters, Clients are now spreading their legal requirements across multiple firms

How do you ensure that the entire legal work of a client stays with you? What is your strategy against your immediate competitors in the Big Law Firm league? How do you respond to the Boutique law firms posing a threat to you? How do you ensure that Business Development remains consistent through all your offices? Big Law Firms in India have the money power for carrying out the Business Development activities, but how do you ensure that the money is spent smartly?

Business Development for Big Law Firms

Big law Firms needs to operate as Brands

We can help you in your Business Development activities. Infact, we can assist your Business Development Team to execute things faster. We can help you with strategies to get more VISIBILITY with your clients. We can work on various strategies to get constant work from your ideal client. We can provide you with ideas to fight not only your immediate completion but also other Large Law Firms who are a threat to you. Based on the discovery sessions with your management, we will provide you with an action plan to obtain some quick revenue (with our Short Term Plan) and also provide you with a Long Term Plan to obtain consistent predictable revenue.

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